Monday, June 14, 2010

#apple - Think about it - iPod Touch to get a camera at next refresh for FaceTime?

After reviewing the Steve Jobs key note speech from the Apple WWDC event last week I got to thinking about one statement that Steve made.

When Steve demoed Facetime he stated two things:

1. In 2010 FaceTime would be wifi only
2. In 2010 Apple would ship 10's of Millions of FaceTime equipped devices.

My only conclusion is that the iPod Touch will get a facelift in the traditional September/October refresh for the winter buying season. Apple is gearing up to build approximately 3M iPhone 4's each month. That would be approximately 18M phones.
The iPod Touch will run iOS4 and therefore the only thing it is missing is the mic and camera. Given that the last design refresh had space for a camera it is highly likely Apple will have sorted out the issues and can include at least a front facing video camera to enable FaceTime. Including this capability in the iPodTouch will let Apple comfortably reach their "10's of millions" target. It no doubt means that the iPad will get the camera treatment for the next design refresh in 2011.

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