Wednesday, June 09, 2010

#health2con Things to see in the exhibit hall

I am here at the #health2con "Health 2.0 Goes to Washington" conference at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington DC. Matthew and Indu have done a great job with their Health 12.0 Conference team to bring Health 2.0 to the attention of the Feds. 

I have volunteered for the event and am working the Exhibit hall. There is plenty worth seeing:

Kaiser Permanente is here and have some of the best freebies. Pick up a pen, a hand sanitizer or a stress relief toy.

Practice Fusion is worth looking at. They offer a free (ad supported) web-based practice management system for Physicians that is backed by

huMETRIX is here with an interesting portable Health Information Exchange: U-BeWell. Check out their nifty little flash card that can connect you or your physician to your Health Information in the cloud. They also have a smartphone version of this application.

Vitality is here with Glowcaps is a fascinating device. A replacement prescription bottle cap. It glows and chirps to remind you to take your meds. It will also send a weekly email to a family member. This is a great way of increasing medication adherence. If you have an independent elder relative this is also a great way to ensure that they are in fact taking their meds on a regular basis.

PharmaSurveyor is now SurveyorHealth. This Health 2.0 Accelerator company is doing fascinating things looking at Medication Risk Maps. They are one of the leading companies looking at adding value to data found in our Personal Health Records. If you are taking multiple medications, including over the counter medications then their tools can help you assess the risk of drug interactions and enable alternative drug regimes to be identified that lower overall risks for the patient.

ICYou is here recording interviews. They have been at most Health 2.0 Conferences and have a massive library of Health related content.

myca/ HelloHealth is also here with their integrated web-based practice management system. Hello Health is the business model and MycaHub is the software platform that powers the business model. Building on social media and modern communication tools this integrated platform enables physicians to interact with their patients in new and more efficient ways by leveraging social media.

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