Friday, July 23, 2010


@reginaholliday is here before her exhibition next week at 1000 Potomac ace, nw suite 125 presented by Clinovations . Along with @tedeytan Louise lang will be signing her book - connected for health

Check out the health2.0 developer challenge -

First up - george Thomas -

REST is the architecture of the web. Your web site is your API.
Web + data = data web

Vocabularies can be metadata

Activity streams can enhance data quality

@elzeig American college of cardiology -
Built a social platform for cardiology

Lots of frustration when launched. What was learned:
Be ready to raping quickly and publicly

Be willing to make changes
Comments are effective part of the community

Groups can be effective for communication

@chrisboyer - innovahealth
Driving transformational change in a hospital system through a digital strategy

Communities want to be conversed with. Conventional "marketing" is flat

People don't care about hospitals until they are sick

Marketing is all about the message, the audience and the channel

Messages must be on pint, ongoing and saturated

Digital communications provides the channel

Do. Teach. Show. Demonstrate.

Digital is absolutely measurable.


Health is social

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg in social media

Nurses and physicians should lead social media discussion. It is leading ideological change

Nurses are the Jedi knight of the medical industry

Twitter technology is a critical new technology. Expect to see machine interaction bass on these concepts

@tedeytan and @reginaholliday - focus on the patient story

Kaiser is part of the innovation learning network @healthcareiln Without the patient story we don't understand the why? Of health care

Kaiser 3m registered members online
2.5m emails in first quarter 2010 sent to doctors.

43% sign on more than 5 times in q1 2010.

Medical advocacy mural project - change the face of healthcare

I'm speechless - the most moving five minutes. @reginaholliday WILL change the face of healthcare All of us need to demand "give us our dammed data!"

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