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#spsbmore - Mark Miller talking about Missing Link between SharePoint and the End User Community

Mark Miller is the founder of This is a great resource for everything SharePoint.

New site will be - due for launch in September.

- What is the existing SharePoint Landscape
- What's Missing: The Sweet Spot
- Six Absolutely Positively Guaranteed Ways to kill productivity

 What is the existing SharePoint Landscape
- On Boarding Process 
- First visit to a Doctors Office  (All Those forms!!)
- Paperwork for a new home loan (Something gets forgotten - Everything needed is not available when needed)

SharePoint has built in workflows but they can't cope with conditional workflows

Then you resort to Sharepoint Designer to deal with those conditions.

Displaying the information:
- Basic web parts have problems. Web Parts can't get to data in other places.
- jQuery is used in the browser to manipulate the presentation layer. e.g. how do I turn off the "Display All Site Content" link. JQuery can make those changes via a Content Editor Web Part.

Easy Tabs is another example. It re-writes all Web Parts in a Page Zone to have their own Tab.

Charts can be rendered without Excel Web Services.

These are Site Manager enhancements. They don't require IT involvement.

The Sweet Spot

"40% of workers ignore company rules because they have developed better ways to get work done."

The written rules don't handle exceptions well because they are static and don't reflect the evolving situations people face everyday.

Workflow is seen as straightforward. The real situation is that information is all over the place.

Workflow deals with sequential, simple repeatable process flows.

Business Process Management is a microscopic piece of managing a business.

SharePoint is best for Procedures. I is not ideal for process adaptability. - Derek Miers - "Finding the sweet spot"

The Missing Link

Global360 presented some solutions that integrates with SharePoint.

1. Workers Know their jobs
2. Simple workflow doesn't mimic real world processes.
3. SharePoint is not ideal for procedures.

Six Absolutely Positively Guaranteed Ways to kill productivity

1. Repetitious Work
2. Missing or Incomplete Information
3. Dated Processes and Procedures
4. Low Morale
5. Rework / Low Quality Work
6. Lack of Expertise

So how can SharePoint Help: 
Check out these items on

- Productivity killers
- BPM Primer - People and Processes
- SharePoint and BPM - Finding the Sweet Spot

SharePoint won't manage your business but it will help you bring the information together.

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