Thursday, October 07, 2010

Are you going to HealthCamp today? - #hcsfbay is on and it is BIG!

The biggest HealthCamp yet takes place today - HealthCampSFBay. Follow the hashtag at #hcsfbay on Twitter.If you are on the east coast and can't make it then put November 12th on your schedule and come to HealthCampDC at CareFirst's DC offices near Union Station. go to for tickets for that event.

We are off to BART to head over to the Garfield Innovation Center. I am looking forward to meeting up with a lot of friends that I have made through all these HealthCamp events. It is going to be an  exciting day. Unfortunately Annesh Chopra couldn't make it but we have Todd Parks, the CTO of HHS kicking off HealthCampSFBay.

This is going to be fascinating. Mayo Clinic working with Kaiser Permanente. Patients mingling with physicians, developers and entrepreneurs. All with one driving passion - to make HealthCare better.

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