Friday, October 08, 2010

#health2con Launch - 10 new companies and products

More real time notes from the Health 2.0 Conference....

Solving medication non-adherence through rewards programs.

Make it fun, let users choose rewards. Points make prizes. 

Helps negotiate your bill  between the consumer and the health provider.

Bill-Doctor takes a fee + percentage of savings.

This is Health Bartering. 

For providers the benefit is a higher return than when a bill goes to a collection agency.

A question/survey system that  is billed as people-powered search for human health.

Univita Living helps people find the tools and information to allow people to live safely and independently at home.

The site helps plan on the needs to support independent living.

The Independent Living Assessment tool develops recommendations

Service providers are linked in to the assessment survey.
A care Circle can be created for the subject and allows information to be shared.

The site evaluates environmental factors for chronic conditions.

The example used migraine and helped identify potential triggers such as:

- Tomato
- Barometric Pressure Change
- Not sleeping at the same time of day
- Apple

CastLight provides a platform to identify costs for service - especially attractive to people on high deductible health plans.

Compare on various factors: price, education, distance....

uncover shopping opportunities 

The Audience Poll via ranked the companies as follows:

1. CastLight
2. HealthPrize
3. Bill-Doctor
4. Univita

MyTrus is a clinical trials support site. It enables people to participate in a clinical trial from home.

A routing system to connect patients with doctors who are available.

It allows doctors to be paged. notes to be transcribed from audio, No computer access is required.

Provides solution to let doctors know their patient has been to ER.

Doctors can control the level of information they receive when the discharge papaerwork is released.

An iPhone App in the Apps store to measure respiratory efficiency. The Breath Reseach Dashboard online can analyze results from those measurements.

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