Friday, October 08, 2010

#health2con - Launching the Health 2.0 Accelerator Apps Network

Real time notes from the Health 2.0 Conference

Last year the best demo came from the Health 2.0 Accelerator.

This year they are about to do it again.

Erick Von Schweber, CEO Surveyor Health (ex. Pharmasurveyor)
Marlene Beggelman, CEO Enhanced Medical Decisions
Bettina Experton, President and CEO , Humetrix
Jonathan Katz, MedAdherence
Anne Marie Biernacki, Co-Founder and CTO, KnowMyMeds
Brady Davis, VP Business Development & Strategy, Congral and Shared Care Plan
Marc Pierson, VP Clinical Information & Quality, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center
Steve Luper, Sr. Technical Product Manager, Microsoft

The Health 2.0 Accelerator is about promoting inter operability and an ecosystem for health data.

The Demo has infrastructure Services such as Single Sign On,
Healthvault to provide access to health data, Continuity of Care Record to transfer data using web services. Semantic interoperability via services such as FirstDataBank's Drug Code Lookup Service.

Enhanced Medical Decisions provides a Natural Language Record Coding Service.

Their service can analyze free text and through analysis assign SNOMED, ICD9 and ICD10 codes.
Drugs can be identified and mapped to NDC codes.

The Apps network on the Health 2.0 Accelerator. Uses Google Frebase to identify complimentary web sites.

Humetrix showed how a usb card can be embedded in to a member health plan card  that can access securely online health information for the patient.

KnowMyMeds is used to compile a list of meds a patient is taking. This can be entered online or via a cell phone.

MedAdherence can use the information in KnowMyMeds to interact with the patient and gather readings such as glocuse measures via interaction from aphone.  Since HealthVault is providing the data sharing amongst these applications under the users control.

The overall demo is impressive in the way that data can flow from application to application, under the control of the user/patient. However, at the end of the day - THIS NEEDS TO BE A LOT SIMPLER

However, the composite application concept is interesting and has a lot of potential.

This takes me back to a blog post from HealthCampSanDiego. - Bump my RX - Creating the Virtuous Circle of PHR adoption

The CareGiver is an important player an d one we mustn't forget when developing solutions. The PHR supports the role of the care giver.

Gaming has a lot of potential to addict people to wellness

The Health 2.0 Accelerator Apps Network - Delivers the same coded data to patient, caregiver and provider in user appropriate forms with powerful applications. -

The decision point is with the consumer - that is why mobile is critical to solving the health care challenge.

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