Friday, October 08, 2010

#health2con - more demos

real time notes from the Health 2.0 Conference.

John Moore - MIT asked the question - what if we turn things upside down and the Provider is the one who is privileged to have visibility in to the patient data that the Patient controls.

My conclusion from the demonstration... When the patient is informed and has visibility to their information then they come engaged and proactively manage their health.

"I don't want to disengage from my life to engage with my health"

Cook's Children Physician Network moved to Athena Network for $ of billings. 100 PCP's all .

Athena Health is a cloud based software enabled service for physician's practices. The integration with Microsoft allows records to be moved to HealthVault.

Everyone in the network is engaged in a collaborative deployment.  7 months to transition to this platform  adopted across 1000 users.

WeCare Onsite Clinics

Put Primary Care Back in the Drivers Seat - Will Montoya, Montoya Benefits.

Medical Loss ratio dropped from 88% to 60% after the clinic opened.

20-30% of Total Group Health Care Costs net of clinic cost within 6 months of opening. The clinic is outside of Fee-For-Service.

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