Thursday, October 07, 2010

Reflecting on HealthCamp #hcsfbay

Today has been a hectic, inspiring, innovative, high energy day. Yes, HealthCamp SFBay (#HCSFBay) is a wrap. There are so many high points. So many memories that will stick for a long, long time. Here is just a smattering:
  • Todd Park dashing around among the crowd getting people to explain their backgrounds that bought them to HealthCamp - watch out for a video of Todd's keynote on YouTube later ( in my YouTube channel:
  • Todd Park not wanting to leave after leading a session on the next steps for the Community Health Data Initiative. Check out Todd's wrap up here 
  • Here is Todd capturing the thoughts from his session before recording the video summary

  • @DavidRosenman or the Mayo Clinic placed a large map of the USA on the floor and then asked the audience to fill it with ideas about who - outside of HealthCare could we bring to bear on healthcare challenges. People were also asked to put down the challenge ideas. Over the day the map filled up with plenty of ideas. 
Here people are pitching in with ideas:

Here is David Rosenman contempalting what everyone has produced:

The next step is to stimulate a "Hackathon" to get some of these ideas moving.
Here is Mike Kirkwood, one of the HealthCampSFBay organizers, contemplating the wall of innovation - the agenda wall that the participants created in less than 30 minutes. What you see in the picture is just one third of the sessions. There were 15 rooms in use and innumerable other impromptu conversations taking place all over the Innovation Center,

The Agenda "Wall" was big. You can see the topics discussed if you go to Here was the wall before it was filled in. It was a BIG wall:

Dr. Jack Cochran has been one of the people at the Permanente Federation that has promoted the idea of Patient Engagement for many years. Dr. Jack Cochran is the Executive Director of The Permanente Federation, which represents the 15,000 physicians of Kaiser Permanente  .He gave an introduction to HealthCampSFBay before handing over to Todd Park. Here he is coming out of the circle after handling over to Todd Park. The vibe from HealthCamp hit him full force. If you believe in Patient/Member/Consumer Engagement then HealthCamp is the place to be.
The HCSFBay team really knocked this one out of the park. The Kaiser Permanente Garfield Innovation Center was packed to the gills. The digital footprint from this event was enormous. Over 2.1Million impressions on Twitter - before the day drew to a close. @2HealthGuru - Gregg Masters was capturing video for Maren Connary (@marenconnary) and Mike Kirkwood (@mikekirkwood) did a fabulous job organizing the event and the Kaiser Permanente team, led by that ball of energy, Danielle Cass (@daniellecass), were just incredible. The Innovation Center is an amazing place. The Innovation Center with a HealthCamp takes it to a whole new level. 
This is the third event that Kaiser Permanente have helped to organize and they are still discovering the value they can gain by being an enabler for the innovative conversations that take place at HealthCamp. Each event yields a new level of engagement.
HealthCamp leaves a fabulous digital footprint. Here for example is the photo set on flickr from @MjChatter: 
The wrap up session at HealthCampSFBay encourage people to tweet their ideas for actions by using the combined hashtags #hcsfbay and #action. The wrap up session was also recorded for