Monday, November 08, 2010

#WHIT Health Plan Innovation Session - Navinet, Aetna and MDDatacor - session chaired by John Kelly CIO Navinet

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10:30 am -
11:15 am
A Unified Approach to Patient Information Management: Meaningful Adoption and Use of HIT

Healthcare reform is demanding a better way to communicate and manage information, healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, patients are demanding more involvement in their care – and HIT system interoperability continues to be just out of reach. A new, unified approach to information management is needed to address these challenges, one that gives multiple stakeholders an accurate and holistic view of patient information. The answer lies not only in who has the information, but how that information is connected and managed (aggregated, cleansed, shared, integrated and reported on).

This session will explore the industry need for a patient-centric approach to data management that provides single source access to administrative, financial and clinical information exchange between all stakeholders. Benefits to stakeholders will be discussed, including:

  • By supporting this approach and its enabling solutions, health plans save costs, better manage government mandates and enhance their service offerings to provide additional value to employers, members and physicians.
  • Providers gain efficiencies through solutions that offer one-stop convenience and eliminate “double key entry,” and save money by not having to purchase multiple technology systems.
  • Technology and service vendors will find that when they “plug” their solutions into a single-source platform, they benefit from quick adoption and high utilization. Users find it easier to adopt new tools when they are introduced as simply an extension of their current user experience.
John Kelly
Chief Information Officer
Jay Eisenstock
Manager, Provider eSolutions
Aetna, Inc. 

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Marshall Votta
Business Development

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Tim Roche
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Unified Patient Information Management:

Not a system it's a market space - a way of doing business.

Right Actions in the right setting at the right time.

The Monolithic solution will not work. Take the Internet as an example. We pull information from many different places and "mash it up"

Jay Eisenstock (Aetna): Aetna is beginning to merge the clinical and administrative workflows.... e.g. A patient eligibility inquiry triggers a check for Care Alerts.  Personal Health Record

Tim Roche (MDDatacor): First step of improvement is to be able to measure it. MDDatacor provides decision support on their patient population. The technology is there but it takes coordination. The Health Plan is typically the group funding this work. 

Doctors will believe the information when it is their information but it needs incentives to change behaviors.

Marshall Voetta (Navinet):  One organization can't do everything well.  

Tim Roche: Cooperation is key to success.

Jay Eisenstock: We need to think outside the box - something our industry historically has not been good at.

Now I need to get ready for my presentation. I will be posting the deck to Slideshare (

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