Tuesday, November 09, 2010

#WHIT iPhone and Smartphones used in HealthCare

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Integrating Mobile Devices to Improve Member Health and Wellness
Understand challenges involved in support of mobile devices from the myriad of new devices, disparate operating platforms and devices types and the overriding requirement to ensure privacy of information without squashing the “cool factor” for end users.
  • Capturing innovation, during ideation
  • Evaluation for adoption of emerging technologies
Aurel Kleinerman, MD, PhD
Chairman and CEO, Blue Iris Division
MITEM Corporation 

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20% of physicians use Epocrates on iPhone = 175k physicians

Physicians and clinical workers ambulate.  They are mobile. 
Many Computers - No desk. 
Multi-tasking environment
Except when face-to-face with patients.

Physicians are information "Gluttons"
Medical references and Patient Data.

Healthcare delivery is a team effort. The Physician needs to be in touch.

The Appeal is a device that provides voice and data in one device.

All smartphones do this - But iPhone is doing it "right".

Large screen, lots of memory, push notification

Push Notifications are authenticated and encrypted. Works over cellular or WiFi.

iPad - Large screen and large battery - no need to recharge during the day unlike many laptops.

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