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#Whit Kaiser HealthConnect - Louise Lang's experience from the trenches of integration

Closing Session from Day 1 of WHIT: 

4:45 pm -
5:45 pm
CLOSING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: KP HealthConnect – Strategic and Tactical Considerations, Ongoing System-Wide Innovations and Results to Date
  • Evaluate strategic and tactical considerations important to any organization confronting the challenges of large-scale health IT deployments
  • Short-term and long-term benefits enabled by technology in the areas of patient safety, patient satisfaction, resource utilization and clinical quality improvement
  • Ongoing system-wide innovations aimed at major transformations in the delivery of primary care, specialty care, and population care management
  • Examine the technology’s impact on patient engagement and self-care with detailed usage metrics derived from
Louise Liang, MD
Senior Vice President
Quality and Clinical Systems Support
Kaiser Permanente 

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Using the EHR to transform Care Delivery

Kaiser Permanente viewed this as a one shot opportunity. 

"the Future is here, it's just not evenly distributed" - William Gibson 

The Kaiser numbers:
8 Regions
8.6M members
14,000 Physicians
166,000 employees (41k nurses)
36 medical centers
431 medical office buildings
36 medical centers.
$42B Operating revenue

The vision for the future: "Blue Sky"

- Consumer centric 

- Home as the hub
- Secure and seamless transitions
- customized
- Integrated and Leveraged

Warm handoffs - Care is a human process

Member drives customization - KP responds

- World largest Private sector EHR deployment
- $4B to implement plus 10 years of maintenance

- In and Out patient clinical care
- Practice management
- Online access to a tethered PHR.

Introduction of KP HealthConnect in to Hawaii in 2005

Between 2006-2007 saw:
- Office Visit drop by 26.2%
- Primary Care - 25.3%
- Specialty Care -21.5% 

KP had to build their own clinical content to support evidence based medicine.

The Importance of Patient Engagement:

over 80% of medical issues are self-diagnosed and self-medicated. and MyHealthConnect

Patients like to:
- email doctor/specialist/Primary care team
- View lab results
- refill prescriptions
- Act for a family member

>50% of members are engaged online with their health

47% of members 65 and over are using online services. so it is in line with the general population.

3Million registered users.
21.7M test result views
8.6M email
6.8M prescription refills

HealthConect was NOT an IT Project.

Fundamental redesign of daily work is required.

Kaiser is looking at realtime consultations - leveraging remote specialists.

Question from Ryan Tarzy (HealthLine)  What's next for Kaiser?

- Better integration
- More focus on home based support  
- Better patient support - especially for patients with chronic conditions
- Continuing to add specialized clinical content (e.g oncology, cardiology) 

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