Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#WHIT Panel session on intersection of Meaningful Use, Quality, IT and timelines.

WHIT - the last gasp....

12:00 pm -
1:00 pm
CLOSING KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: The Intersection of Meaningful Use, Quality, IT and Timelines – Debating Meaningful Use Criteria, Quality Measurements and Cost
  • Update on requirements for measuring quality and implications for physicians and provider organizations
  • Effectively measuring quality
  • Evaluating the cost/benefit of meeting the implementation deadlines
  • Identifying and overcoming challenges
Peter Basch, MD
Medical Director
MedStar Health 

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Nicholas Wolter, MD
Chief Executive Officer, Billings Clinic;
Former Commissioner, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC);
Member, Board of Trustees, American Hospital Association (AHA) 

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Dr. Thomas Tsang, Medical Director, Office of the National Coordinator

Dr Greg Pawlson - NCQA

Moderator of the discussion: Tina Olson Grande - Policy HealthCare Leadership Council

Dr T Tsang: 1st Macro challenge is the more integrated system. Current system is fractured and siloed.
2nd Macro challenge HIT and PHR is shifting the paradigm to Consumer centric

The real potential is being able to measure effectiveness. embed knowledge and evidence-based practices in to daily workflow.

Population data has a big future in quality measures.  We will move from static measures to measuring change.

Peter Basch: We don't know what the ceiling on excellence is. We are now starting to look at the Patient and Doctor stellar performers and work out how to spread the word and practice on that.

Thomas T: Great opportunity to incorporate measures that matter to the patient.

Greg Pawlson: Medical Home - There are plenty of people that can manage the care of a patient. Doesn't have to be just Physician centered.

Thomas T: Federal realization that  we need more longitudinal measures. Move away from the checklist method of quality. Use measure that really measure the outcome for a patient.

My Note: A couple of years ago someone at a Web 2.0 Expo said "Quality of Life" will become a real measure across many industries. That is so true. How come the one industry that has quality of life at it's core doesn't have a quality of life measure.

Thomas T: Indiana has 5 exchanges for providers to choose from. Good for competition and choice. 

My Note: Does that cause fragmentation? Can a provider still get to everyone or only to those in the same exchange?

Paraphrase Peter B: when you make it easy to do - people do it. Doctors or Patients. Make it easy for Doctors to compare their performance and their competitive instinct pushes them to see how they compare. Next comes the question - how can i do better.

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