Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#Health3 How to Evaluate and Measure Social Media for Health Amelia Burke @socialibriumm

Live blogging from the 

Health 3.0: The Next Online Generation Conference in Orlando Florida.
Here is the session outline: 

How to Evaluate and Measure Social Media for Health
Integrating social media for health communication campaigns has been a slow process, as restrictions on two-way communication and fear of the "openness" of the medium have led public sector communicators to shy away from using it. However, increasingly, public health organizations and agencies looking to reach their target audiences in relevant ways are implementing social media into their programs as a necessity, not just a "nice to have". However, across the board, agencies, communicators and brands alike are all struggling with how to evaluate this medium. This session will demonstrate how to:

  • Assess the value of social media for public health campaigns
  • Evaluate social media in order to make the case for it in your campaigns

Amelia Burke, MA
Director of Digital Media

There is no industry standard for measurement.
3 out of 4 Americans use Social Technology: Forrester
1 word of mouth recommendation has the impact of 200 TV Ads.

Engagement is measurable.
Put performance in perspective of program goals.
It is hard to bridge online with offline but you can establish digital goals.
Digital media gives you a wealth of measures. Measure what matters.

Web Analytics demystified:
Goals (Drive consideration), Objective (Foster Dialogue), Measures (Share of Voice - overall mentions v mentions of brand, Audience Engagement - total reach, Conversation Reach - potential reach v actual reach), Tactics (Twitter, Facebook etc.)

Geico example: 

Goal - Drive Brand Awareness
Objective: Drive visibility of videos and engage with key consumer target on You Tube
Measures: Buzz monitoring for Insurance category, Audience engagement - views, comments. conversation - You Tube v Subscribers.
Tactics:  You Tube channel

Consumer Engagement is Iterative.

- Digital media goals are part of a regular program plan
- Tie digital goals to overall program objectives

- know where your bloggers are.
- Location may be less relevant than Influencers.

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