Thursday, March 10, 2011

#hcct #hcsd11 Call to all Health Innovators/Entrepreneurs Get involved with HealthCamp

This is a call to the Innovators and Entrepreneurs in HealthCare. It's tough getting your ideas off the ground in the Health Care world. There is a maze of regulation and that barrier of "we have always done it this way" thinking to overcome. But you wouldn't have run with your idea if you didn't have the passion, tenacity and force of will to make it a success.

You are not alone. HealthCamp is here to help. 

HealthCamps are an un-conference. Some describe it as the Rx for the Common Conference. The participants decide the agenda, in real time.

HealthCamps attract people from across the health care industry, and from outside the industry. HealthCamps also attract passionate consumers, something that is remarkably unusual for a health care conference - involving the patient! What a concept!

As an Innovator or Entrepreneur with a great idea it is important that you get involved with HealthCamp. You can sponsor an event by making a sponsorship donation of as little as $100. For that you align your company name with some of the leading lights in the HealthCare industry like:

- Kaiser Permanente
- Yale School of Nursing
- Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
- Medco
- Microsoft 
- Health 2.0 Conference

Innovators like Kony Solutions and have reaped the benefits. You can too.

What do you need to do? Go to click on an upcoming HealthCamp,  like:

HealthCamp San Diego - (Sunday March 20th - the day before the Health 2.0 Spring Fling)
HealthCampCT@Yale - (Saturday April 2nd at the Yale School of Nursing in New Haven CT)

Click on the Registration button and register as a Sponsor. You will be glad you did!

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