Tuesday, March 08, 2011

#hcsm Social Media is a vehicle for a conversation (#hcct #hcsd11)

Here are a couple of interesting posts about HealthCare Social Media:

Hive Strategies map out an 8 step process for building a Hospital's social media strategy that culminates with how to define success:

You can find the eight steps here.

Alongside this I also read Jimmy Warren's post about whether Health Care Social Media is really social.

The key point from Jimmy's post is that Social Media is a vehicle. 

"Social media is an aid.  It’s a vehicle.  It’s a tool.  But it is not a real relationship."

Jimmy goes on to say:

"Brands are defined and brands become social with human things like customer service, caring, helping, smiling, being there and maybe just a soft physical touch. These kinds of things can ultimately only be delivered in personal ways. Human ways.  And not from places on the internet.  Sure social sites can support and confirm such activity, but not take its place."

My Take...
I think there is a different way we should look at this. Social Media complements relationships. In business we get things done in many different ways. Sometimes you absolutely have to go and meet people face to face, but particularly after you have established a relationship, it is possible to have an ongoing relationship that has meaning through email, phone calls and video conferencing. Social Media is another channel that allows us to maintain that ambient connection with people we know.

The key point is that Social Media is NOT marketing. Social Media is a vehicle for a conversation. It represents an opportunity to create and strengthen a connection between people or between people and brands. If you treat social media as marketing you are missing the boat. Use social media to create a connection and to reinforce your integrity, expertise and authenticity.

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