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#whchpi Highly interactive Entertainment for Health

A great panel session in the offing at the Health Plan Innovation conference.

Healthy Interactive Entertainment – The Future of Engaging Consumers in Health and Wellness
Health plans are developing a wide variety of online decision support tools to engage and retain members with the hopes of providing better care at a lower cost. This session will evaluate alternatives, usage and next steps.
  • The challenge: making health engaging (fun?!)
  • Tools and technologies: A peek into the future of engagement
  • Going to where your members are (across locations and devices)
Alex Akers
Health Plan Strategist
Microsoft Corporation 

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Tom Tomazic
Director of Innovation
Humana Inc. 

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Grant L. Verstandig
Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Audax Health Solutions, Inc. 

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Grant Verstandig was unable to take part. He was replaced by Naimish Patel, CareVerge/Audax Health Solutions EVP and Head of Products.

Alex Akers:
Interest in Gaming has grown significantly in last 12 months.

20-25% of households have an interactive gaming device (e.g. Kinect, PlayStation Move, Wii)

Kinect provides facial, voice and body recognition.

Opportunities to track information across interaction points. 

Big privacy issues. Healthy gaming expected to approach $11B by 2012.

Games for Microsoft is more than just xBox. Think windows  live, bing, messenger etc.

No controller required
Video Kinect (video calls)
Health related games
Social connection

Interactive Health
- Active Living, Healthy Homes
- Scaling expertise and processes
- Scaling access to expertise

MIT is testing Cardiac Rehab via Kinect
Data is being collected on activity. This can be tied to reward programs.

Economics are interesting.

Cost ($300-400 for console) + $150 Kinect + Xbox Live $60/Yr + Games ~$50

30M XBox Live users. 
25M hours of daily game play.
6.3B Game steps unlocked.

Ubisoft calibration of body is accurate to within +/- 1lb.

Could a health plan be a friend so that the plan could access the data?
Recommended reading:

Tom Tomazic, Innovation Center at Humana.

Disease Management, Personal Nurse Initiative.

Smart Summary Project (401(k) for your health.

Now looking way past adjacencies...

Rebalancing portfolio to have mix of future views, anciliary and core services.

Focus is on people achieving life long well-being.

Terms and the Results in the eyes of consumers and in the eyes of the industry

Wellness = Make Me Healthier = Cost Avoidance
Improved Outcomes = Getting well faster and for longer = Cost Savings
Engagement = Being exposed to stuf that's interesting to me = Behavior Change

BJ Fogg has done a lot of work in this  area.

Check out the Behavior Grid:

Motivation - Ability - Trigger

Don't make it hard - Make it fun.

[Ed: as I say - Health may be private - Wellness is Social]

Going Where They Are

Go where consumers are because that is what they are doing right now.

Health Entertainment Eco System.

Connecting from Activity to Reward via devices and programs.

Rewards don't have to be just financial. 

Example: Horsepower Challenge

Online game to encourage physical activity amongst school age children.

The reward was more game play. 

Famscape is being sold by Best Buy in Texas. A game to motivate families.

Mobile Apps: iOS - Goldwalker, Colorfall - uses iPhone as a Pedometer.

Didget glucose meter that plugs in to Nintendo DS/DS Lite

Naimish Patel of Audax Health Solutions (aka CareVerge)

"If a site takes more than 3 seconds to load I won't use it"

Every touch point is valuable.

Every click is monitorable. Amazon 7 clicks to buy.

CareVerge is a personal network. Focused experience. 
Every piece of data collected must result in some immediate value.
Micro-behavioral change. e.g down size the fries as McDonalds.  - Forward progress in small steps.

Meet members where they are. 

Social Media is a tool to send a message - but you need the right message to send.
CarVerge uses recommendation engines.

Objective is to recognize that every click is uniquely important and valuable.

CareVerge is free and available. 
CareVerge SMS - text based communication platform.  (78650)

"We are competing for people's time." 

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