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#whchpi What do members want from their Health Plan - 2011 J D Power Health Plan Study

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What Do Members Really Want From Their Health Plan?
Evaluate results from the J.D. Power and Associates studies of group health plan members and individual purchasers.
  • The factors and attributes that drive member satisfaction
  • The specific performance indicators that have the greatest impact on a member’s experience
  • The best practices that can drive employer decisions to renew
M. James (Jim) Dougherty
Executive Director, Healthcare Practice
J.D. Power and Associates 

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2011 Study was released yesterday. 

2011 saw another 5 point drop in satisfaction. The 5th consecutive year of drops in satisfaction.

PA is highest ranked region. Colorado is the lowest ranked. Range from 718 down to 682. 
Some High performers:

Group Health

Integrated delivery models appear to score higher.

44% in group plans reported that chose plan because it was the only choice offered. Those buying on price have low satisfaction too.

"Hostages" have lower satisfaction.

Perceived Performance v Expectations = Satisfaction (Advocate, Apathetic or Assassin)

Public sectors employees are more satisfied.
Individuals are less satisfied than groups.

Integrated Delivery Systems have less satisfaction with Networks. They make up for it in coverage and benefits and other factors.

Consumers want a plan to be simple. 
Surprise not change is the enemy of satisfaction.

Most changes are around changes in cost and premiums.

In auto industry changes in premiums can have same level of satisfaction if consumers are notified and options to allow change are discussed.

Moving to a High Deductible Plan without a Health Savings Account leads to lower satisfaction.

Only 37% of people think they completely understand their plan. 

Plans need to make changes easily understandable.

Don't just offer wellness service. You have to encourage use to drive up satisfaction.

More communication options lead to increased satisfaction.

Integrated systems are more satisfied with e-services.

Efficiencies from understanding 13 minutes for 1st call resolution and 39% likelihood of achieving 1st call resolution.

Satisfaction (excluding hostages) leads to more likely renewals and more up-sell / cross-sell opportunities.

In Group business Employee Plan Services is the most important factor. How you support members impact group/employer satisfaction.

Only 7% of members get an email/communication when they renew.

The industry needs to stop treating members as hostages. 

People start to shop around becomes of a non-price dis-satisfier. Once shopping price then raises in importance.

Kaiser retention rates is around 10 years. In the Blues it is much lower.

A satisfied member is worth 13x revenue as a low satisfaction member.

Loyalty cards in Pharmacy market has no impact on satisfaction. Positioning of loyalty programs has an impact. e.g. Target Visa has lower satisfaction because rewards can only be used at Target. 

The personal connection that creates an advocate is where you develop loyalty.

some items drive satisfaction and quality. e.g. Nurse/Bed ratio.

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