Thursday, April 28, 2011

#hcidc Jason Pontin of MIT Tech Review points to #QS potential

Jason talks a lot of sense. We could not have created a more ineffective health system if we had tried.

50% of costs are caused by 5% of population. We need to invest in NIH and NSF.

He is very interested in Quantified Self.

Patients should have the right to determine their health risks. Proper disclosure is an essential component.

Big innovations....

1. Synthetic genomes breakthrough. Now we can build from scratch

2. Cancer genomics. We can sequence a cancer's DNA for reasonable comparative cost.

Device innovations:
1. Apply micro electronics to med devices. Nextel OCD injectible pacemaker.

2. Wireless in body sensors. Great for congestive heart failure. 40% reductions in hospitalizations.

Innovation is neither invention or discovery. Discovery leads to invention.

Innovation needs market pull. Then you have to do the tough thing and change human behavior. The process can take 15-20 years.

Since we don't gave luxury of 20 years how do we accelerate change?

How do we jailbreak healthcare?

After age of 70 Americans are on 14 medications/year.

Technology is part of solution. Quantified Self real time nudges to change long term behavior through micro choices.

We are incredibly bad at evaluating long term time based decisions but we can make choices every day.

Mark Scrimshire
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