Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Passion drives us all. To @scrimshire it is about evoking memories through music. For me it is

This morning I signed in to Facebook and saw a post from one of my son's to the other talking about music.


Yesterday I was in a session analyzing a recent personality test and one thing that struck me was how Music came high in my list of interests. It seems that the apples don't fall far from the tree! My eldest son @scrimshire is following his passion in music. He helps run the WahWah45s record label in London and is a musician in his own right. He also writes and produces as well as DJing. 

To cut a long story short(er!) Adam wrote a great post on his blog at Scrimshire.comSTRONG MEMORIES – THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU BUY MUSIC. Go and read it and then think about your passion. 

One of my passions is the HealthCamp Foundation where we help organize HealthCamp un-conferences to promote engagement in health. What has that got to do with Music? 

It is about the passion and the connection. 

It has been my privilege to meet so many passionate people on my journey in Health Care. Working to improve Health Care is about improving the lives of others and not just turning up for work. I think back to a recent HealthCamp in San Diego ( It was a Sunday and over 40 people gathered to discuss innovations around Health Care. During the wrap-up David Hale, probably better known at @lostonroute66 on twitter) performed a rendition of "My Little Data Shack" on his ukelele.

Whether it is music or health by bringing passion to what we do we create something that is lasting and memorable. That is something that is increasingly rare in this consumerist, throw-away world. 

So, if you are passionate about health and health care come and get involved in HealthCamp. You can donate to the HealthCamp Foundation and you can come along to a HealthCamp event by checking out the People who have actively participated in these events have described them as "transformational",  "inspirational" and even "life changing."

Connect with your passion!

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