Saturday, April 30, 2011

#tcamp11 The Government is doing some great things with health data at - Go Build Your MashUp!

Session 1 at TransparencyCamp 2011

I am listening to George Thomas talking about data that is available on, or via,

Linked data is being used.  RDF - Resource Description Framework is being used. This makes for a powerful data access construct. A great use of web standards.

Clinical Quality data - Hospital Compare Data.

There are 26 different datasets. Reports and Survey data about customer experience. Looked at as State and National Averages.

For the technical: the data  is available via a RESTful interface. ie. the URL string is meaningful.

e.g.  This is what will go on in a few weeks:


Data Set : State Payment Values : Date of Publication


Definition : Attribute - Hospital :  Hospital Type

The approach that has been taken offers an incredible resource to slice, dice and aggregate data from different perspectives. This becomes even more powerful when the data is mapped and correlated with other data streams. 

The data has been enriched with Lat/Long information. This allows Geo Data mapping and correlation with other sources. This makes for fascinating integration possibilities. 

The basic message is "Go Mashup this data"

I must remember to lookup the REST Console for Chrome

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