Monday, May 16, 2011

#mhealth Innovation and Reimbursement - it will come #hcdc Come and discuss at on 6/8/11

Mobi Health News has an article today: 

How handheld devices will cannibalize existing medtech

The bottom line is the view that reimbursement, or more accurately - lack of reimbursement, is hindering adoption of new and innovative devices, like hand held ultrasound scanners.

It was interesting to read this article alongside another that cam out the same day on The Health Care Blog:

Wellpoint gets aggressive on inpatient payment changes

Wellpoint is moving to put hospitals in it's networks on a performance plan whereby future increases will be based on a formula for outcomes, patient safety and patient satisfaction. 

The Switch to pay for Performance is an important step in opening up opportunities for innovative solutions. The idea of paying for the number of emails a physician handles is crazy. It just perpetuates the pay for volume approach of the past. By switching to a quality-based payment method institutions and providers that adopt innovative solutions that improve patient care while making them more efficient will see the rewards.

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