Saturday, June 11, 2011

#health2dev One team wants to merge NCI Thesaurus with VA Blue Button

Use the VA Blue Button and add in a REST interface to LexEVS 6.0 Service

A neat idea. I wonder if the PillBox API would provide the same information. What about then piping the information to SurveyorHealth to check for drug interactions?

The next proposition is: Tackling Prescription drug non-compliance.

Merge EMR data with Pharmacy Benefits Manager the e-prescription and the personal health record. CYNCZ is a proprietary engine that syncs and de-dupes the information from these sources.

This is a problem that is of great interest to the ONC.
@Aviars is proposing a team to develop a solution for a HIV support organization in the District of Columbia. The challenge for today is taking the 7,000 tests performed in 2010 and visualize the information via various libraries.

A number of ideas bubbling up about Elder Care and Aging in Place. e.g. @cristianLiu proposed using the Elder Care Locator.

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