Thursday, July 28, 2011

#mobihealthDC the audience is mainly technical

Dr. Caterina Lasome is moderating the panel

Douglas naegele - investors and innovators freaked out by regulatory issues. Matthew Holland - social has moved fast in past 24 months.

Lyndsey Hoggle to @Joshnesbit
Can we use this technology to address hunger?

Webmd is educating providers not about meaningful use but about basic issues of adoption. Use comes later. Lots of uncertainty. Douglas N - mobile offer great opportunity to deliver emr to people without PC and broadband access.

Josh Nesbit every app exists within a system

Think can it happen / will it happen

Medic mobile is in 14 countries and works closely with USAID.

Great session!

Congratulations to David Blackburn for organizing!

Mark Scrimshire
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