Thursday, July 28, 2011

#mobihealthDC @Joshneabit talking about medic mobile

More Malawi physicians in Manchester UK than in all of Malawi!

Cell phones are the obvious tool. Better coverage in Malawi than in Palo alto.

Charge cell phones from bicycles.
Using frontline SMS to manage SMS group network. Move from motorcycle data collection to SMS saved 2100 hours plus fuel.

Natural language processing with 98% accuracy for categorization.

EMRs - paper system leads to people getting lost and dying.

Crowdflower - 1m micro tasks daily. Eg message translation.

USC this in Haiti earthquake. Used crowdflower to recruit 2500 people to review and structure emergency messages.

Now running apps off sim cards. Sim apps give amazing level of penetration since gsm is ubiquitous.
Mms based diagnostics. Take photo from cell phone transmit and diagnose. Moves diagnostics from $200k machines and month long cycles down to hours or days.

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