Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#QS HealthCamp and the Quantified Self Community. Leverage #RainbowButton to leverage network effects

#QS and HealthCa.mp: Last night I attended the Washington DC meetup for Quantified Self. There were plenty of interesting topics. Much of the session provided feedback on the recent San Francisco Quantified Self event. I was able to U-Stream and record the event. The lighting was not great but I think the audio came through.

The thrust of my talk was to open people up to the potential of matching Quantified Self data with the Rainbow Button Initiative to take advantage of the network effects of shared data to create a Quantified Community. I want people to ask their Health Care Providers and Payers for a BlueButton so they can download their health data. I want to see Quantified Self Applications implement the Green and White Buttons to allow people to donate their data to a good cause (the green button) or send their data in detail to whoever they choose (The white button) which could be another person, a health care provider or another App. The technolgy to do this is base don the Direct Project. The Direct Project has laudable objectives. In simple terms for the developers reading this. The Direct Project seeks to deprecate the fax machine in Health Care.  

I was also asked to present at the meeting. I had already posted my deck to SlideShare (   ), which was a good thing because the Mac being used to present from only had version 3.0 of Keynote and so it choked, even when saving the deck as iWork'08. 

Since people on GooglePlus had asked if I was going to post my talk We recorded my session separately, since it came after about 90 minutes of other presentations. Yes, I was there to wake everyone up so they could go home! :)

Here is my talk from Ustream:http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16096324
Here are the other Talks: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16094415 

Once again, apologies for the poor quality of the video but hopefully the audio comes across ok.

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