Saturday, September 03, 2011

Building Your Personal Brand in Social Media to Connect with Opportunity

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to present to a group at Right Management about Social Media. This was the third time I had been asked to present on this topic. This time I not only updated the presentation on SlideShare but I also was able to record my talk.
This week I imported the voice memo from my iPhone in to iTunes, converted the track to an MP3 file, dropped it on my desktop and then uploaded it to SlideShare. Creating a slidecast is easy.  You go in to your presentation and choose to edit it. Choose the Slidecast tab, upload the audio and then listen to it as you review the slides. You can easily set the slide changes to match your talk. Save it and publish it and the slideshare has the audio track automatically attached. 
So here is a reprise of:  Build Your Social Brand to Connect with Opportunity
Hopefully you will find this more informative with the narrative synced to the slides.