Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#epatcon Chris Shroeder @cmshroed of HealthCentral Keynote opens day 2

Chris Schroeder of HealthCentral opens up day 2 of the ePatients Connections Conference.

Compliance - an awful world. 

We have been beaten in to submission to accept that other people make our health decisions.

Never in the history of business has there been an industry that have a competitive advantage from the mastery of obfuscation.

We have lost sight of the patient.

To Health Twitterers: Would you if you didn't work for this health company follow it - almost all say no

We are all patient entrepreneurs - we are building our personal health business

Patient Entrepreneurship is based on empowerment and action.

"I am not alone. I’m not crazy. I can take actions that work because I have seen, shared, connected...people like me..."

Real patient empowerment: i know i can take control and act, because someone like me did it (and wrote about it) and I have connected with them.

CEO, HealthCentral
The Real Health Care Revolution: Where Are the Pitch Forks and Torches?

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