Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#epatcon Next up the non-profits and their use of Social Media

Director, Navigation Services, Lance Armstrong Foundation
The LIVESTRONG App – New Technology for Patient Empowerment 
A simple app may be the first step in shifting control back to the patient. LIVESTRONG is pioneering the field of navigation, and this app will open the door to personalized healthcare by unlocking patient data to improve the cancer experience. Using technology to allow individuals to access and control their personal medical information will revolutionize patient care.

Re-imagining Health: How UNICEF is Using Digital Innovation to Create a Better World: Digital tools and technology aren't just the province of big corporations anymore. Learn how UNICEF has partnered with cutting edge organizations like innovations leader PSFK and digital innovation firm Zemoga to develop concepts that leverage technology and improve healthcare and health education throughout the developing world.

First Up: Chris Dammert

Cancer Survivors have formed a worldwide tribe.

LiveStrong: Direct Service for people with cancer. Empower them.

Start by listening. Design to fill gaps. Collaborate to expand impact.

85% said their medical care would improve if they could share information electronically. This is not institutional conversations this is about giving the patient's voice volume.

An iPad app has been designed to access information. Store and share information. LiveStrong Cancer Guide & Tracker.

LiveStrong provides 5 areas of cancer support:
1. Insurance, employment and financial concerns
2. Emotional and peer support.
3. Understanding fertility risks and preservation options.
4. Understanding treatment options. and matching to clinical trials (Informing not directing).
5. Connecting to local resources.

Daniel Licht & Piers Fawkes

PSFK & UNICEF identified 15 trends.

How do you communicate with people with limited technology. Apps don't work. How to give UNICEF tools that can be used.

I love the Idea of the Teach Shirt. Cheap and portable.

The UN have taken the idea of the Future of Health and created The Future of Mobile Tagging, Future of Real-Time and the Future of Retail.

It was disappointing how few Health companies look outside Healthcare for innovative ideas. We need fresh thinking.

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