Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Associate Director, eMarketing & Patient Marketing, Gilead
Speak From the Heart

Mended Hearts - Tim Eisner / Donnette Smith

American Heart Association says 10M people with Chronic Angina. 500,000 new each year.

Angina is a symptom of Heart Disease. Apathy on part of physician and patients suffering in silence. How do you mobilize that segment.

in marketing where are the gaps to find opportunities.

What were the "Must Haves"

There is a lack of unbranded disease content specific to Angina.
Competition set the bar to say that Video was a must have content. put the patient story front and center in an unbranded experience.
Speak From The Heart worked with and Donnette Smith.

Check out Donnette's story (recorded by Dramatic Health).

To reassure patients don't under estimate the power of a patient's story - Patient's relate to other patient's that have been on the same journey. Mended Hearts average 200k patient visits each year.

Patient voice: 
- Peer to Peer
- Voice in the treatment process
- Collectively they have powerful advocacy presence.

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