Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I wish I had been able to attend all of this session, but I was preparing for my participation in the Patients 2.0 session later this afternoon.

Data Utility Layer, Unplatforms … and Now Personal Sensors, Too!

GRAND B (Main Ballroom)

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Don’t blink but while you were working at your mHealth strategy, we’re going beyond the smartphone. In our rush to get digital, we’ve ignored the analog world. But hardware that measures a variety of human activities is back and transforming consumer engagement. Increasingly, people’s data is automatically being added to the Data Utility Layer from a multitude of devices, including automatic updates from wearable sensors. Is this the year when Unplatforms go mainstream?


There were some great demos from Withings - Blood Pressure Meter for the iPhone. AgaMatrix Glucose tester that is an IPhone accessory, RunKeeper (A device I am experimenting with myself),

The best devices fit in to our lifestyle unobtrusively.

WiMM Labs device is very cool micro android  device. Connects via WiFi to the cloud. http://www.wimm.com/

I should look at RunKeeper for tracking my skiing. 

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