Sunday, October 16, 2011

#Apple Airport Extreme due for firmware update? iCloud causing mobile me error to flash on base station?

I have just completed an upgrade to iOS 5 on my iPhone and upgraded my Mac computers to OS X Lion 10.7.2 in order to access all the iCloud goodness. However, since doing that my Airport Extreme base station is flashing orange. When you go in to the Airport Utility the base station reports that my mobile me userid and password is wrong.


My userid and password is unchanged from before the iCloud upgrade. I was able to suppress the error by choosing to ignore the error but it looks like we need an Airport EXtreme Firmware update in order to connect with the Back-to-my-Mac feature that is now part of iCloud.

Has anybody else experienced this issue? Is this something that Apple overlooked in the major sweep of upgrades to support iCloud? It seems a little strange because the mobile me mail address and password are migrated to iCloud. May be Apple have changed the target server and when people migrate from Mobile Me to iCloud they are disabling the account on the Mobile Me platform after migrating to iCloud, but the Airport Extreme is still pointing to Back-To-My-Mac on the Mobile Me platform and the userid and password combination is disabled. This is my theory. Can anyone confirm?

I will try to use the Back-To-My-Mac feature and see if I can reach my Airport Extreme when I am away from home. 

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