Friday, October 07, 2011

#COEHITR Ben Shneiderman - EHR usability and SHARP Projects.

Electronic health record usability
Ben Shneiderman, Ph.D., Professor, Computer Science, UMIACS, Founding Director of Human Computer Interaction Lab, University of Maryland

Working on SHARP Projects:
- Security of HIT
- Patient Centered Cognitive Support
- Healthcare Application and Network Platform Architectures
- Secondary use of EHR Data

EMR software vendors are requiring NDAs to be signed to see software manuals. This is ridiculous. They must be ashamed of the quality of their development.

35 different ways to show Blood Pressure readings. 

UMD involved with Cognitive Information Design and Visualization: Enhancing Accessibility and Understanding of Patient Data.

UMD HCIL Early Directions:

Missing Lab Reports (Fedex for lab results)
Medication Reconciliation (reconcile medication usage information from multiple sources)
Alarms and Alerts Management

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