Friday, October 07, 2011

#COEHITR Health IT Resources for Entrepreneurs and Industry

10:45am UMD Health IT Resources for Entrepreneurs and Industry

Dean Chang, Director, Mtech Venture Programs and Technology Advancement Program
Joseph Naft, Associate Director, Maryland Industrial Partnerships
Asher Epstein, Managing Director, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

Dean Chang 
2nd Tuesday of each month - Entrepreneur Office Hours

U of MD Technology Startup Boot Camp - Friday October 14th. One day workshop and networking event.

UMD $75K Business Plan Competition

Maryland Intellectual Property Legal Resource Center. Free legal service for entrepreneurs and emerging tech companies. Help with patent applications, prior art searches, license agreements, non-disclosure agreements, company formation and much more.

Based at MTech's TAP incubator building.

TERPS Lab Incubator. over 90 graduate companies with $2B exits. 22 companies in the labs.

Joseph Naft - Maryland Industrial Partnerships
MIPS work with MD companies to do collaborative research with Universities in the Maryland system. 
Looking for commercialization opportunities. Will ideas and research lead to jobs in Maryland.

Proposals accepted in May and October of each year. 60 day turn around from application to award. Next deadline October 17th, 2011.
Scientific and technical overview, business model review.

Offers up to $100k per year for 2 years. Large companies get 50/50 share. Mid-size gets 65/35 share. Small companies up to 12 people 90/10 split.
In-kind contribution from companies is expected. This can be sweat equity.

MIPS companies can get exclusive license to IP created by research teams during a project.

Asher Epstein - Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

Dingman Impact:

Very early stage growth.

75+ operating companies
200+ jobs created
$25M+ funded.

Starting from the back of a napkin to early stage financing and proof of concept.

Dingman works with Mtech and Office of Technology Commercialization to promote technology commercialization.

Find valuable research and move it to the market.

Dingman runs a China Business Plan Competition. Also doing the same in Israel. 

Q & A

Finally some discussion of Mobile Health. You don't need a full market solution - especially overseas in developing countries. You need focused solutions. 

40% improvement of measurement of diabetes by using cell phone as a platform. This was a result of a research study at U of MD. They are talking about WellDoc. A Baltimore based company.

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