Saturday, October 22, 2011

#hcor @wardcunningham Wiki originator another benevolent dictator

Ward Cunningham guided the evolution of the wiki like a benevolent dictator for the first few years.

Take the energy of the 2% and use it to fuel development.

Tom_munnecke had similar issues with vista.

Direct connection to end users drove vista's evolution.

We new an epidemic of health. Design for health not for disease.

We need to infuse a vocabulary of health in to the community.

No table of contents in a wiki but you can find information. No academic smart enough to write the whole book. You need a community.

How do you create a community of competitors - which is frequently found in healthcare. The hospital is the most complex entity in our world. Cats v toasters. You can rebuild a toaster. Healthcare is a cat. Ie more than sum of its parts and you can't reconstruct a cat after a dissection.

Technology has a special power. A philosophy is learnt through use of a simple technology that people think they understand.

Let's think composition and not decomposition. Hummm were does ICD-10 fit in all this??

Think about patterns as a way to explain complexity.

Simple rules that enable extension of understanding. A system of rules can generate behavior rather than attempt to specify behavior. Generative solutions...

Healthcare complexity: the complex legislation.

ICD-10 500 definitions for sickness. None for health.

Lack of budget will drive innovation. We can't spend our way out of the health care crisis.

Turn healthcare upside down and put patients at the center.

Personalized medicine. Social networks. Personal genomics. Think 5-8 years out. Health care is to medical care is like changing the oil against needing a toe truck.

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