Friday, October 14, 2011

#ITrans Moving to Action

Moving to wrap up the day with a plan of action:

Survey results:

Priority Problem Statements:

- There is no care plan that includes my medical and social factors coordinating interdisciplinary input - including the patients.
- The care providers who may have the most input may not have visibility to inform or see the plan.

Existing IT Solutions that can be scaled:

- Interoperable information exchange
- Get a model that works effectively and scale it.
- More effective risk stratification

Innovation Opportunities:
- Feedback loops when things don't happen.
- EHR/PHR that can merge a medication record, including community pharmacies

- Rhode Island offers itself as a Petri Dish looking for partners.

- Hawaii - Challenges of an island community

- Idaho - 3,000 rural providers in a test of care transitions.

- Bangor - Feedback Loops
- Iowa - Patient should own, control and vet the care plan - This is an experiment they will undertake.

Feedback loops and cost containment. Plenty of evidence available to show cost reduction potential.

NY - Home care: Happens today via paper and fax. Home Care Vendors developing interoperable standards for home care: Treatments, patient goals etc. Things that aren't addressed in other parts of the Care Transitions Efforts.

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