Saturday, October 01, 2011

@lygeia of ONC brands me as a HealthCare Disruptor at #Health2con Thanks to @cindythroop for great pics/cc @reginaholliday @adrane @mindofandre

Cindy Throop catches Lygeia Ricciardi, Chief Consumerista at ONC, painting me in to the Health Disruptor panel of the Mural that Regina Holliday created with the help of many friends at the recent 2011 Health 2.0 Conference.


Hi ekivemark!

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ekivemark (Mark Scrimshire) shared ThroopCat's Flickr set with you.

Lygeia Paints Mark Scrimshire

A set by ThroopCat
P1050118 P1050114
P1050109 P1050108

I also added Alex Drane and the unmentionables to the same disruptor panel. 


Here are the 3 panels showing the disruptors on the left with traditional Health 1.0 on the right meeting in the middle at Health 2.0.



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