Friday, October 07, 2011

U of MD #HIT Research - Fall IT Summit

Today I am dropping in to the University of Maryland in College Park for their Fall Health IT Summit that is being organized by the CEnter of Excellence in Health IT Research (COEHITR).

The COEHITR is focusing on Health Information Management and Exchange, Patient Centered Medical Home and Health IT applied to Public Health Priorities. The center is leveraging colleges across Maryland. Get more information from or on Twitter @HealthIT.

Dean Robert Gold is giving a tribute to Steve Jobs and his 7 rules for innovation

1. Do what you love
2. Put a dent in the universe
3. Connect things in your brain. Look outside your comfort zone
4. Sell dreams not products
5. Say no to a thousand things. Innovation comes from focus and not getting distracted.
6. Create insanely great experiences
7. Master the message.

We have to ask big things of ourselves. Take risks. Identify our passion. Follow our dreams.

Find solutions to vexing problems:

Dean Gold gives a shout out to the ONC and their recruitment of @LYgeia as Chief Consumerista to give a voice to the consumer in Health. 

He also gives a shout to the Blue Button from the VA and to the #RainbowButton initiative.

DR. Joshua Sharfstein (@drjoshs) is equating the crisis in healthcare to the beltway traffic gridlock.

Maryland is the only state that requires private payers to provide incentives for Doctors to adopt electronic records systems. MD has a Health Information Exchange - CRISP.
State of MD is on leading edge of driving change in Health Care.  Pay for outcomes coming quickly. HIE in place.  An essential tune-up for Health

We need to leverage technology to become more efficient in Health Care. 

Health IT is not jjust about IT it is about Health.

CareFirst is cited for 3500 doctors signed up for Primary Care Medical Home.

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