Monday, November 21, 2011

Baltimore Wordpress Meetup Group - Custom Post Types/Advanced Custom Fields

I am at the Baltimore Wordpress Meetup Group. The topic is Custom Post Type and Advanced Custom Fields.

Here is the intro for the session:

Create your own edit screens. Choose from multiple field types. Learn straightforward API functions for use in your themes. Attach custom fields to custom post types. Yay! CMS* made easy. (*CMS= Content Management System). Presenter: Marjorie Roswell

Standard Post Types:

- Posts 
- Pages
- Media
- Revisions
- Navigation Menu Items

Custom Post types allow you to extend these basic post types to meet your own needs.

Advanced Custom Fields:

Create a field group before creating custom fields for the group. Otherwise they may not save.

Display custom fields:

- Custom Post Type Archives handles by theme's archive.php
- Override this for particular post type in archive-{post-type}.php

Two key entries from the API are used to build a print layout for the archive view. These are:

<?php  get_field('{field name}')  : ?>
<?php the-field('{field description}') : ?>

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