Tuesday, November 08, 2011

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Super Better:

Rules of the game were published online before the games even existed.

Social chocolate is working on games for the seven wonders I the connected world.

Games are not child's play.

183M Americans play games for an hour each day.

A 21 yr old will have spent 10,000 hours playing games - that is as much time as spent on their education.

Life had better get with the program - people get from games what they want from life.

42% of gamers are women. Average is 43 yrs old.

Harness the 7bn world population and apply it. Gamers unlock protein mystery that baffled aids researchers for 10 years

Gamers did it in 3 weeks.

Super better: health care + games and Gameful design + social connections

The winner in health will be the one that keeps people coming back to the "game" - intrinsic rewards, social connection. Think positive - live 10 years longer

Strong Social support leads to stronger immune systems.

Spend time with people we like to lower your blood pressure.

Super better:

7 guided missions:

1. Epic win
2. Secret identity
3. Bad guys
4. Power ups
5. Quests
6. Allies
7. Future boosts

Super better is moving to open beta soon and will launch at SXSW.

Could you get people to play super better without them realizing they are playing a game. Allies = caregivers

Interestingly Doctors are number 1 choice as the one person that can be invited in to the player's secret lab.

The trick is to tie the game to real world activity. The basic issue is that people have to want to make a change.

Need to evolve a solution to help people discover what they want/need to change.

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