Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Super committee- Time's running out

The sunlight foundation is working had to push for transparency in the process to find a solution to the country's deficit problems. How do we know who is influencing the secretive work of the group of twelve?

Here is the request from the sunlight team...

Write a letter to the Super Committee and tell them to stand up for transparency and openness -- not shadowy special interests.

The committee members could easily take measures to increase transparency on their own, and we’ve laid out exactly what they could do to make this a more open process, but the members of the Super Committee have decided that this is simply business as usual.

Last week Sunlighters around the country went straight to the source to demand transparency -- the district offices of Super Committee members. We’re continuing to put the pressure on, and we need you to join us. We’re collecting letters that we’ll send directly to the Super Committee to make sure they understand that Americans want and deserve an open and transparent process.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a Super Committee member’s district -- because the Super Committee cuts out the normal congressional process, they’re all the representation that we have. Share your story of how their work will affect you and why you deserve an open and transparent process that includes common-sense demands for a better process.

Thanks for all that you do,

Amy, Bridget, Nicole and the rest of the Sunlight team

P.S.-- Watch the video of Sunlighters around the country taking the message of transparency straight to Super Committee members and their staff -- then share it with your friends:

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