Saturday, December 03, 2011

Is @klout losing credibility? Their scores are all over the place. 51 is the new 49!

A few months ago Klout revamped their scoring. Some people were winners, others losers. I admit. ! was one of the losers with my Klout score dropping by more than 17 points.

Over the past two days my Klout score had been rising. This could easily be explained by my increased activity in Social Media. I have been through a quiet spell as I have been doing some development work and learning Python/Django for work on

Today I logged in to Klout and got a warning message that my Klout Score had dropped by two points in the past day - back to 49 from a recent high of 51. Yet my score still showed as 51 (in the chart it shows as 50.70 but the chart shows it back down to 48 point something.


We understand that Klout is still in beta but credibility is an important factor to be maintained. If Klout is tweaking their algorithms they should let us know. If they have dropped or added data feeds that might be the cause - in which case let us know.

The more Klout scores bounce around the less credibility they have.

I understand that Klout needs to keep secret how they calculate their score, otherwise people will game the system but there is also a need to balance that with enabling Klout's user base to identify a level of cause and effect for the actions they take in Social Media.

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