Wednesday, December 07, 2011

#MHS11 Wil Yu (@HlthInnovation) introduces Qualcomm CEO for last keynote

This is a live blog post from the mHealth Summit. The summit is taking place from December 5-7th at the Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.

This is a live blog post, as such the notes are made in real time and posted with minimal editing. I am sharing these via Facebook, Twitter and my blog to help others get a snapshot of the activities at the conference. You can follow the tweet stream at #MHS11 or follow the mHealth Summit's twitter account @mhealthsummit.

Wil Yu (@HlthInnovation)introduces the last Keynote of #MHS11

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

9:30–10:00 AM — Morning Keynote


Paul E. Jacobs, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board and CEO
Sangita Reddy
Executive Director, Operations
Apollo Hospitals Group

Paul Jacobs:

More people use cell phones than toothbrushes (5.6B)

Smartphones out shipped PCs.

Next year the installed base of mobile phones will surpass PCs.

Mobile broadband has passed fixed broadband in 2010.

Consumers expect the amazing in mobile. 

Mobile will see more lightweight instant on devices. The weight of accessories will also drop.

The Internet of Things - Everything will be connected - and it will be wireless.

The phone will be the personal mediator for the internet of things.

Chronic Disease is a critical issue. 300M chronic disease sufferers in North America and Europe.

By 2020 160M americans will be remotely monitored for a chronic disease

88% of physicians want patients to be able to self monitor at home.

Wireless enabled CRTs and ICDs halve mortality rate in clinical trials of 100,000 patients.

Qualcomm have announced QualcommLife  and the 2Net platform.

$100M investment in wireless health.
Telcare, Alivecor, Duofertility, sotera, worksmartlabs.

We are entering the era of connected health. We need open connected health and not a bunch of walled gardens.

Next up....

Sangita Reddy

Giving thanks to those propelling change in health care.

We are now at base camp in the use of technology.

In India there are 870M mobile users. 

Apollo Hospitals Group - a transformation of the organization that looks at the circle of life.

"India - Islands of excellence in an ocean of inadequacy."

Innovation is the key - Quality, Accessibility and Equity.

The hospital is the last stop and not the first. ie. preventative care.

Perfect timing for mHealth. Wireless Carriers are interested and engaged. "Two birds with one phone"

"Are we there Yet?"

Pricing model - one of most powerful levers for behavior change.
Complex stakeholder matrix - cooperate and not compete. 
Lack of integrated services. Multiple Chronic diseases are common. We can't silo care.

How do we incentivize the doctor for change. 

Biology - Bytes and Bandwidth. The 3 Bs of Change

Are we ready for 24x7 Ubiquitous Health Care.

mhealth deliver care and information to the point of action.

Bricks and Mortar and mHealth is not an absolute choice. Just like retail we need brick and click health care

The Health Ecosystem - Each of us will not be a passive recipient but rather an active partner gets a shout out and BlueButton will be used by Apollo.

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