Thursday, January 26, 2012

#CISummit: Frank Ingari - Essence Healthcare / Chris Chen of ChenMed / Brian Prestwich - Keck School of Med USC / Kirchhoff - @WeightWatchers


Panel 1

Care Delivery/Primary Care Innovation Case Study

Moderator: Mohit Kaushal, MD, MBA

Executive Vice President of Business Development and Chief Strategy Officer, West Wireless Health Institute 

Christopher Chen, MD

Chief Executive Officer, ChenMed 

Frank Ingari

President and Chief Executive Officer, Essence Healthcare 

Brian Prestwich, MD

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California 

Lonny Reisman, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Aetna 

David P Kirchhoff

President and Chief Executive Officer, Weight Watchers

Larry Ingari - Essence Healthcare

Reinvented insurer as logistics and evidence provider.

Eliminating acute episodes is not enough.

Medicare Advantage  addresses flaws in original plans.

Essence provides data for free to their providers.
timely, accurate with continuous learning.

Detailed performance summaries.

Collaboration on benefit design referral and other policies.
Initiatives are driven by Care Management.

Christopher Chen - ChenMed

Another instance of a family of physicians discovering the experience of a patient.

No one accountable for care/results.

1. Invest in patients upfront

focused on moderate to low income senior population (focus on a specific population)

2. Physician Culture - deliver outcomes and not procedures

3. Develop technology to achieve goals.

Design a one stop shop approach for a focused population.

Then you need to get access for the population. They provide transportation to/from the clinic.

Restrict panel size so patients can be seen monthly. 

Technology is designed to support the doctor patient relationship.

Brian Prestwich - Keck School of Medicine - University of Southern California

The Greater LA Care Innovation Corridor. 

Doctors need time. They need support.

Doctors need information. 

The EMR of today is completely inadequate for the family doctor. They need to be connected. They need knowledge from the patient. They need population information for comparison.

Redesigning team-based care.
Redesigning the Physician work day.

Group care works for complex patient issues.

Figure out what you want to do
Fix the care model
Implement technology to support the care model.
Educate the patient to take better care of themselves.

Make it simple to reduce the cognitive workload

David Kirchhoff - Weight Watchers

Obesity is a lifestyle issue.

It is difficult and messy

The NHS in the UK works with Weight Watchers. Doctors can provide vouchers and refer patients to Weight Watchers.

12 Session course on PCP referral. 45 UKL at no cost to patient.

A Cambridge study showed PCP+Weight watchers program is twice as effective. Doctor creates sense of urgency. Weight Watchers delivers program and payer supports. 

WW does 45,000 meetings per week globally (20k in USA)

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