Thursday, January 26, 2012

#CISummit Joe McCannon introduces the next round of Ignite Talks


Ignite Talks: Rapid Fire Innovation Pitches

Facilitated by Joe McCannon

Senior Advisor to the Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 

Bob Masters

President and CEO, Commonwealth Care Alliance 

Jennifer DeCubellis

Area Director, Hennepin Health 

Tom X. Lee, MD

Chief Executive Officer, 1Life Healthcare and One Medical Group
Joe McCannon is based in the CMS Innovation Center and focuses on learning diffusion.

Bob Masters - Commonwealth Care Alliance

Based in MA.

Once in a generation opportunity to improve care for the most vulnerable - Dual Eligibles.

CCA focuses in MA on 3800 mostly home bound frail elders and 600 younger beneficiaries.

A lot of money spent but even more money saved.

How we care for the mentally ill is shameful.
75% are dual eligible. Average life expectancy is 53 years.

Implementing new Primary Care models. 

Jennifer DeCubellis - Hennepin Health

A social disparities approach to healthcare reform.

Patient Centered Care where care is Coordinated.
Add Pharmacists to care teams. Reduce medications and side effects and increasing time for Doctors. 

Mobile Crisis Home Visits. 24x7 crisis line. 
32% of population are in unstable housing. Providing services for the homeless.

Housing support helps place individuals - this reduces hospital stays. 

Interpreters help families navigate the system.
Vision care - don't overlook this. Imagine being able to read your prescriptions.

Dental Care has been attached to emergency departments - this reduces ER visits and prescription of pain medications.

Food Pantries help patients deal with upset stomachs that impact medicatin adherence.

This just shows that you have to treat the whole person and not the condition.

Tom Lee - 1Life HealthCare and One Medical Group

Guidelines as key to physician-patient decision making.

Evidence-based medicine is not enough.
Guidelines are too simplistic. They focus on one risk factor at a time.

We need to look at each individual and take into account all risk factors. 
Calculate risks of all outcomes.

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