Thursday, January 26, 2012

#CISummit - Key points and quotes - Part 2 adds memorable quotes from the afternoon session

Don Casey: Don Casey says healthcare costs are 17.9% of the GDP and may reach north of 30% if left unchecked. This could cripple the economy.

Dr. Atul Gawande: Health Care (cost) is destroying the American Dream
We forget the bell curve of impact and cost. The two curves do not match. This gives us hope. We want the positive deviants.

HealthCare today is like driving a car with a speedo that tells what speed we were traveling 4 years ago. Data is the key!

Rick Gilfillan: "No one went to school to provide fragmented, expensive care"

@Todd_Park: Data is rocket fuel for innovation

@Todd_Park: There is no problem America can't innovate its way out of - apply the innovation mojo!

Dr. Brian Prestwich - The EMR of today is completely inadequate for the family doctor. They need to be connected. They need knowledge from the patient. They need population information for comparison. (Lots of applause)

Dr. Brian Prestwich: Make it simple to reduce the cognitive workload

David Kirchhoff - Obesity is a lifestyle issue. Difficult and messy.

Lonny Reisman: Technology is essential but not sufficient

Farzad Mostashari: Data as oxygen for innovators.

Aneesh: Has ONC just put forward the idea of OpenTable for Health Care?

After lunch:

Ken Coburn: No part of health system can stand apart. We need collaborative models.

Debbie James: Short term risk is short term thinking about costs

Will Shrank - Medication Non-Adherence - Americas other drug problem

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