Thursday, January 26, 2012

#CISummit - Marilyn Tavenner Acting Administrator - CMS

Marilyn Tavenner talking about the work of CMS in support of the Triple Aims and the Innovation Center.

Two years since Affordable Care Act (ACA) went in to law.
ACA addresses:

- Insurance companies
- Higher Quality of Care
- Improved Access to Care
- Innovation

- Filled in the donut hole
- Created the high risk pool to serve high risk patients with pre-existing conditions.
- Children can't be blocked from coverage due to pre-existing conditions
- Medical Loss Ratio set at 80% (ie. 80% of premiums to go to care spending)
- Free health risk assessments /wellness visits.

By 2011: 22M on medicare have received at least one free service.

here to talk about 2012 and beyond.

In October hospitals will be paid based on quality of care.

- Coordinating care
- Improvements in Technology

- Changes in Delivery Systems
- Public Private Partnerships

Innovation Center:
- More than a dozen initiatives launched.

- Value not Volume and putting the patient at the center.

Don Berwick has been repeatedly acknowledge at Summit events as the master architect of the reengineering of CMS. He has been masterful in shaping the future in an entirely positive manner. 

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