Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Preparing for the Health Care Innovations Summit, Washington DC 25-26/1/2012

Tomorrow is the Health Care Innovations Summit in Washington, DC. The event is organized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), West Wireless Health Institute and and Health Affairs. THe summit itself on January 26th is over subscribed and there is a packed agenda. Fortunately Kaiser Permanente is lending a hand and helping to make the day more productive for attendees. Today, Wednesday January 25th, Kaiser Permenanente's Center for Total Health is hosting a pre-event networking day and tomorrow the center hosts a viewing party for people that can't get to the Summit event at the Renaissance Hotel. You can still register for the viewing party here:

Today I am working with Danielle Cass and Ted Eytan to facilitate the networking day. It is set to be both fun and informative. The objective of the day is to turbo charge the summit experience for participants, helping them to connect with others of like mind and to share innovation ideas. There are also some fascinating discussions organized throughout the day. 

For those of you that watch my tweets, I know I have been lying low for a few weeks. But over the next few days I will be live tweeting and blogging from the summit - so watch out for a stream of blogs and tweets. 

The reason for me lying low is that I have been working with Community Education Group (CEG) in Washington DC to help them submit a proposal for a CMS Health Innovation Award. CEG is a leader in HIV Education and Support and for 18 years has focused outreach to the disadvantaged communities in Washington DC. This has involved bringing together some amazing partners to implement an innovative community-based medical home for patients in disadvantaged communities living with life long chronic conditions. There will be more to come on this subject, including some exciting partnerships with some great organizations.

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