Thursday, February 23, 2012

#HIMSS12 #Ecollab12 Health platforms are now a necessity

Vince Kuratis and Shahid Shah.

EHRs designed for transactions - need to redesign for engagement

Most Health activity happens outside the Hospital and provider's office. EHRs need to reflect this reality.

We are moving past the era of retrospective digitization.

We need to instrument biology, chemistry and physics.

Demand interoperability. HL7 does not equal data liquidity.

Address data ownership. You want to be able to move it - essential in cloud solutions.

Data Liquidity is more than just import/export.

Do you own the data, the structure and the code?

We must move past the idea that one vendor can do it all.

The average hospital system has 7 EMR platforms. One "throat to choke" is a misnomer.

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