Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#SMWHealth - Technology and Beauty @didigluck @abmarkman @susanyara

Only 4% of women believe they are beautiful. Why are so many intimidated? @DidiGluck: Are Americans perfectionists?

Is the saturation of media across so many channels driving this lack of confidence?

The vast majority of americans believe they are above average

Social media is changing the perception of beauty. There is no longer one media dictated definition of what is a beautiful woman.

Social media is driving more acceptance of alternative definitions of beauty.

There is a beauty in imperfection. We want asymmetry.

Bloggers are pushing the bottom line for many brands.

Social Media is creating a place to go and ask questions on issues (e.g. plastic surgery). Before Social Media you had to make an appointment with a professional to get information.

There is a perceived notion that bloggers are experts. Some are and some aren't but the fact is that bloggers generate trust from their dedicated core of readers.

Pinterest is a major driver of subscriptions for real simple. Pinterest is a virtual inspiration board. It creates communities of people that share a common viewpoint.

People on Pinterest tend to be nice. That may be due to that fact that you only have options to Like or Re-pin.

Technology used to be a push mechanism. Brands started using Social Media as a push technology. Now the opportunity is to JOIN the community and engage in the CONVERSATION. 

Engage in Conversation rather than constant advertising.

Quantify the value of establishing a relationship. 

Listening = learning. Social Media catches people in the wild and provides valuable insights.

Social media lets industries listen to their markets and their competition.

Social Media is the road test coming to life.

Brands have to develop a personality.  It may not resonate with everyone but if it is authentic it will find an interested community.

If you are a direct sales consultant. - think beyond the immediate sale and cultivate the relationship. That takes time to create the relationship. Social media allows you to develop the relationship without having to maintain direct face to face in person contact.

Traffic is not the best measure of engagement. Negative news drives more traffic than good news. Just look at the recent Komen-Planned Parenthood firestorm.

People are being deluged with information but they will become more selective so keep an expert tone that supports your credibility and authenticity. 

The next leap in social media is real two-way engagement. Drawing experts in to your community.

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